Chairman and Vice Chairman

Chairman - Tim Ohlde

The Chairman presides over all meetings of the voting members.  He casts the deciding vote in case of a tie. He sees that all resolutions adopted by the Voters Assembly are carried out and signs the secretaries minutes after their adoption.

Phone: (785) 446-3378; E-mail

Vice Chairman - Dennis Bott

The Vice Chairman performs the duties of the Chairman in his absence, disability, or at his request.  He also serves as the Chairman of the Church Council. (Pictured with Dennis is his wife Anita.)

Phone: (785) 692-4221

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Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary

Recording Secretary - Roger Bott

The Recording Secretary keeps a careful record of the transactions of all meetings of the Voter's Assembly and enters them in the minute book.  They keep a list of all the voting members and calls the roll in each meeting.  They conduct and preserve the correspondence of the Congregation and records proceedings of the Church Council. (Pictured with Roger are Gayle Jones & Annalise.)

Phone: (785) 692-4301; E-mail:

Treasurer - Annette Bott

The treasurer administers the funds of the congregation and keeps an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures.  At every quarterly meeting they give an account of the total receipts and expenditures and present an accurate financial report.  The treasurer also pays the salaries of the pastors and other church workers and makes other disbursements authorized by the Voter's Assembly. (Pictured with Annette are her husband Daryl and sons (left to right) Clayton & Jacob.)

Phone: (785) 692-4272; E-mail:

Financial Secretary - Darren Bott

The Financial Secretary shall receive all moneys collected and turn them over to the Treasurer at least once every month. They also keep a careful record of the contributions of individual members, as well as the offerings in the church services and distributes offering envelopes. (Pictured with Darren are his wife Linda and children Evan and Hanna.)

Phone: (785) 348-5569

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Board of Elders

Four Elders shall be elected for a term of two years, provided however, that two of this number shall be elected annually. The Elders assist the pastor in all congregational church services. They assist the pastor in caring for the spiritual welfare of the congregation.

Head Elder - Brad Ohlde